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Roadside Weeds & Pests Management Program

ELMA was recently granted funding from MASC as part of its Roadside Weeds & Pests Management Program.  Our environmental contractor, Marty Hyland, has been busy over the last couple of months targeting weeds such as blackberry and gorse in areas along Sarah Court, Saunders Court and Cyprus Drive.

An example of blackberry poisoning in Sarah Court

An example of blackberry poisoning in Sarah Court

Blackberry Control

Here are some photos of the Blackberries that were poisoned by Council along Sarah Court in West Elphinstone. Thanks to Sue, Landcare member and Sarah Court resident for sending in the photos. ELMA will monitor the effectiveness of this control

Council bulldoze Old Calder Highway

ELMA President, Robyn Fearey, found the Mount Alexander Shire Council contractors out on the Old Calder Highway with their bulldozers on the morning of Tuesday 13th March.  They were pushing fallen trees away from the roadside. They have pushed the trees onto our plantings, as well as scalping the roadside area. The scalped area will now be infested by weeds. We are hoping to have this issue resolved and until that happens, works have been halted.

The Old Calder Highway has had considerable money spent on it to restore and maintain remnant vegetation. Hundreds of hours of volunteer labour has been spent on weed control, planting, and nest box monitoring. Although there are a number of trees down, they don’t pose any more of a fire threat than acres of weeds on private land, or the nearby State Forest.

Planting Day 2011

Thanks to everyone who came today to plant.  Click here to see photos.

ELMA Projects

Click here to see an updated list of ELMA’s current projects.

Railway Road Clean up

Local landcarer, Darren Holt, got stuck into the Railway Road Reserve with his mate Brad. For stage one of their ‘clean up program’, they have cut up five old car bodies into manageable pieces so they can be taken away for recycling.

Darren hopes that with the old cars gone people will be less likely to dump other rubbish in Railway Road, an area of significant vegetation and one which ELMA has funding to restore.

Well done Darren and Brad!  This is an excellent example of passion in the community, and the desire to make it a beautiful place to live.

Cutting up old car bodies

Getting right into it...

Thanks go to Brad for helping out

Cat cage

Lock up your cats!!

Thanks to a donation from new ELMA members, Darren and Stacey Holt, we now have our own cat trapping cage.  As part of our program this year, we intend to trap feral cats and deliver them to the RSPCA.  Our main priority area is along the Old Calder Highway where we are hoping to obtain funds from Connecting Country to do restoration work.  Before we start setting up nest boxes we really need to get on top of the cat problem.

Darren holt shows us how the cat cage works


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